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Montana Cowboy College Offers:

  • Ranching Seminars

    • Trailing Cattle - Learn the proper techniques on horseback to drive cattle.

    • Sorting Heavies - Learn to spot Heavies and sort them out.  What's a 'Heavy'?  You'll find out!

    • Cutting Pairs - Learn to cut out Pairs for doctoring, pasturing, etc...

    • Haying - Learn about irrigated as well as dry-land hay crop management from mowing to baling!

    • Branding - Learn how branding is done using horses and ropes!

    • Much, Much More!


Ain’t This Romantic!?!

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Spring Schedule

  • Jim Logan Branding

  • Ellison Ranch Branding

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Professor Kent Hanawalt (on right) imparting the
critical  and essential aspects of Budweiser during branding.

About the "Professor"

"Professor" Hanawalt, the Dean of Montana Cowboy College, has spent 40 years working with horses and cattle in Montana - as a cowboy, fencing contractor, farrier, Wilderness guide, muleskinner, horse trainer, ranch manager, and camp cook. During that time he wasn't just doing a job, he was learning, comparing, analyzing, and searching for the most effective ways to accomplish every task he undertook on ranches running from 150 cows to 4000.

After twenty years of making his living on the ranches of North Central Montana, his cowboy career was pulled up short by a wreck with a team of horses - he had broken his back!

Lying there in his hospital bed he had plenty of time to think. After all those years making his living with his back, it was now time to start using his head. Three months later he was able to sit up long enough to begin classes at the College of Great Falls.

Kent achieved his Bachelors in Business Administration the same year that his oldest daughter graduated from Montana State University - and spent the fall riding for a large ranch south of town. Ten years later he received a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Montana - and hurried back from the graduation ceremony to trail the cows to summer range.

Now deeply involved in the management and operation of the 110-year old Ellison ranch, Kent still shoes his own horses - and some of the neighbors. He uses those horses year-round to accomplish tasks that are impossible on the modern "Japanese Quarter Horse".

Join him now - at the ranch, or through his writings - and explore the depths of the romance, adventure, knowledge, and just plain hard work that go into ranching in the Big Sky Country of Montana.

Pulling Leather a NEW Story in the Ain't This Romantic Collection

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